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Do you …

  • feel uncomfortable in your own home?

  • notice emotional shifts when you get home?

  • get the chills in certain rooms?

or maybe…

  • you feel like you are being watched and no one is there?

  • you hear or see things moving in your home?

  • your pet’s temperament changes in certain rooms?


If you answered YES to more than two of these questions above, chances are you may have a spirit or unseen force in your home. While it can be really difficult and even extremely scary to feel like you are being haunted or watched from an unseen being, you deserve to come home after work feeling totally at peace, grounded, comfortable and safe.

kind words

here’s how I can help

From a young age I thought it was perfectly normal that I could see spirits and auras, and talk to entities from other realms, communicating with things that would plague others with fear and cause them inexplicable pain. I quickly felt isolated when my parents told me not share my experiences of spirits and my connection to other realms with the other people in my life.

If you’re ready to experience what it’s like to live in a blessed home, contact me today.

Sessions are 4-6 hours long, I can do them at your home or over the phone. Typically you only need one session to get a full clearing.