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MAMA youniverse


I ’m inviting you to a empowered sisterhood that feels like the family you’ve never dreamt was possible…

Together we will create a safe container for inner transformation, sisterhood, and a space to share authentically so that you are truly seen and heard. Join us as we build an empowered interactive online community where we will explore life changing tools through sisterhood so we can live our fullest lit-up life.

*This circle is for anyone that identifies with the feminine.


The MAMA YOUNIVERSE CIRCLE starts October 5th 2019

We will be together for 6 life changing months, where we will connect online, from all over the world. Also available will be deep dive in person immersive retreats to support ongoing transformation.

Are you stuck? Do you feel alone? Do you wish you could re-write your life story but have no idea where to start? Are you ready? Are you excited to step into your true freedom and happiness?

Join our global sisterhood as we step into our divine birth right of discovering who we were always meant to be.

There will be…

two 2 1/2 hour video calls a month

weekly assignments

a closed facebook group

guided meditation practices

guided sound journeys

community accountability

“I have never experienced so many shifts in so short a time, as I have with Mama YOUniverse” - Sarah B. / Consultant


If you feel the call to join this community of powerful beings, and want to learn new tools, practices, rituals to level-up your life, apply NOW.

monthly themes


Uncovering the truth of who you are beyond the masks and roles you were taught to play

It’s time to kindle the spark that is your divine soul

Find your authentic voice


Creating freedom in work, relationships and life

Make peace with the past, people, places and things that keep you stuck


Committing to your authentic self and living from that place

Becoming the hero of your life

Releasing anger / releasing resentment



Learning to live beyond fear

Breaking generational curses

Mind - body - spirit connection

Clearing and completion

Spiritual gym (external & internal muscles)

Tapping into your higher self

The origins of the demons in your life and your mind


Being instead of doing

Meditation for real life

The sacred pause and re-fueling our mind - body - spirit

What you can expect.


Those chosen to be apart of the Mama YOUniverse circle know that this is the initiation for true power and unconditional love.

Together we will generate real life changing breakthroughs for the day to day struggles that keep you playing small.

If you found this page it is likely that you struggle to feel “in” your body, use coping mechanisms like food, drugs and sex to feel ‘anything’ other than the suffering and aloneness of everyday interactions, feel weighed down and uninspired by life and know that there is something far greater waiting to be birthed through YOU.


  • Uncover your gifts & ideas that are deep in your soul.

  • Generate & re-create your dream relationships, drum roll… They’re waiting for YOU to birth them.

  • Have support, accountability & tools for deep soul connection to the divine that IS waiting to be birthed through YOU.

  • Get to know YOU from a new foundation & creative space as a sovereign womxn who is waiting to be BIRTHED.

The Mama YOUniverse Circle is here to support anyone that identifies with the feminine and has a desire to become their best self.


ready to vibe at your highest level?