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Pure magic; healer; intuitive; transformational; vibrant; funny; nurturing; powerful.


These are just some of the poignant words that Jaquy Yngvason’s clients have used to describe the uniquely gifted Empowerment Mentor & Coach, Spiritual Guide, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, and Renowned Speaker.
Jaquy’s own past struggles with body dysmorphia, an eating disorder spanning 20 years, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, a devastating familial loss, and an extraordinary ability to channel the divine and God have led her to find her true calling. After leaving her job as a high-profile culinary television producer and food stylist, she made the bold move to pursue her life’s work; her devotion to supporting others.  Jaquy now guides her clients in creating new worlds of possibility, unlocking palpable joy, and leading purposeful lives, using tools including a trauma-informed-method, meditation, breathwork, spirituality, hypnosis, and 1:1 coaching.
Jaquy is certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University, as a Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as an NLP Practitioner, a MBSR Trainee, a certified Mental Health First Aid and a Transformational Relationships and Coach at Landmark Worldwide. She has international experience in the studies of Shamanic practices, Reiki, Energetics, and Mystery Schools, is a trained chef from Le Cordon Bleu, has studied with experts like Joshua Rosenthal & David Wolf, and is currently studying Motivational Interviewing.
Jaquy is a passionate, visionary leader, a lighthouse of love, and a force of nature, who uses her gifts in order to facilitate and guide others in their own healing. In her presence profound shifts occur in the lives of her clients, who often have traditional success in their jobs, yet feel unfulfilled in their life’s true work and purpose. Jaquy treats each client like the unique, limitless being that they are. She fosters the creation of new atmospheres, inspires others to see their own possibilities, and supports clients to do heavy, deep emotional work while making it feel light, approachable, and fun. This is her true superpower; this is how Jaquy and her clients make magic.



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Jaquy employs a unique blend of intensity and integrative health; experience and empathy; depth and joy, creating meaningful connections with her clients and beyond. She is a one of a kind facilitator and her clients, and those from her women's circle, experience profound transformations, from practical to professional to spiritual. She has an extensive metaphorical toolbox in which she delves in order to activate those with whom she works, and she gifts all clients with her full attention and presence.

She is deeply, lovingly connected to her inner child at play, as well as to the divine. When she channels her divine mother, Mama YOUniverse – her higher self – Jaquy’s clients are brought into the sacred container of safety, and during 1:1 sessions there is heavy spiritual construction work & emotional infrastructure being built and reframed, serving to create inner freedom and transformation. Mama YOUniverse steps through Jaquy to assist her in seeing through all dimensions and frequencies of the truth of each unique situation, providing clarity and closure for the the greatest completion of the clients’ struggles at hand. She is a master in supporting her clients so that they may bring their full potential from all realms into the 3d with joy, grace, and personal mastery in all aspects.

Jaquy’s extraordinary gift to connect with the divine can be attributed to the fact that she comes from over six generations of holy men, seers, psychics and healers, and is a blood descendant to the Tribe of Benjamin, who traveled with Jesus Christ during his time on this Earth.

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Hang out with the confident, loving part of yourself for long enough and you’ll start to remember that you are whole and complete

She is a first generation American, born to an Ecuadorian mother and Icelandic father, who were entrepreneurs together in the woolen industry. She grew up selling hand-knit wool Icelandic and Ecuadorian wool sweaters in hot, Midwestern summers, where she worked with her siblings and parents to help support their family.

As an early teen, Jaquy first dipped her toe into a different area of the artistic world, as she embarked upon a career as a model. At 12-years-old, she was coined the ‘next’ Kate Moss and then, at 20, Jaquy was given an opportunity to be on the Bravo TV reality competition, “Make Me A Supermodel,” when the casting director helped her realize that her true passions were actually more aligned at the intersection of food and helping others. Jaquy then started her first health and wellness company at 20-years-old, and subsequently sold it after one year in order to realize her dream of  becoming a professional chef. With her fine training and keen ability to connect, Jaquy became a culinary television producer for Food Network and Food Stylist. However, at the height of her television career, at a time when she was producing for some of the most well-known names in the culinary industry, including Bobby Flay, Jaquy’s father was diagnosed with metastatic malignant Melanoma. During this difficult time, her early-life struggles with eating disorders and penchant for self-loathing reached new heights, and so she knew she had to leave her career in order to pursue true healing and inner peace.

Jaquy travelled back to Seattle to spend her father’s last months by his side, and used all the information she had learned about nutrition and the healing benefits of food to benefit her father and serve as his caretaker. Her father’s passing further awakened her deep passion to commit her life to the caring for and empowering of others.  In her work today, Jaquy is celebrated for her loving self-expression, innate ability to nurture, and deep understanding of how to treat each human as a whole being, formed by the past, present and potential. She sees a wide array of clients, welcoming all people into her practice. Her former clients include prominent artists, influencers, government officials, CEOs, entrepreneurs and myriad individuals looking to be their best selves and to live their best lives.

She strives to be a new source of hope, inspiration and connection for her clients, as they feed off of her palpable energy, joy, passion and knowledge.



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